Class Expectations

Our classroom will be a very busy and productive room.  To do this we will work together on establishing expectations and guidelines for how we work and play.  It is important that we are respectful and cooperative learners.  Also, I will be taking time throughout the year to assess students’ knowledge in reading, math, spelling, and writing to guide my teaching.  My goals at the start of the year are to learn how to better teach your students and building a community of learners.

One of my goals for the year is for them to learn organizational skills to help their transition to high school.  Students will use a notebook as a planner for the first few weeks of school.  Once they receive their iPad they will learn how to keep track of assignments on their device. At the end of every day we will go over what work they need to complete as homework.  Make sure to check this planner notebook, and later the iPad, to help keep your student on track.  Grades can be checked on Parent/Student Portal.  Students will be taught how to check their grades and will be expected to check them regularly. The school office has information on setting up a Parent/Student Portal account for parents if you are interested.  
Technology will be integrated into our lessons, as sixth graders will be receiving school iPads to take home this year.  The first step to this will be students learning how to use technology efficiently and effectively.  Once students have shown they can handle the responsibility of an iPad, then the device will be able to go home.