Mr. Zach Swart

Seagull Lake, March 2014....Brrrrr!
Hello Cherry Tigers.     My name is Zach Swart.  This year I am taking on the role of Dean of Students.   However, I am still one of three high school social studies teachers here at Cherry.   In addition to my role as Dean this year, I am teaching;  CEP Economics first semester, and Outdoor Ed second semester.  

In addition to my Dean/teaching duties, I am also the Athletic Director here at Cherry. 

On a personal note, I am a proud graduate of UMD (just like at least three other staff members at Cherry).  I live in Duluth with my wife (Sara), son (Parker), and daughter (Finley). 

When I am not at school, you can most likely find me...changing Finley's diapers, or going to Parker's hockey practice.  I mean, out in the woods, or golf course.   Actually when I am golfing I spend most of the time in the woods. 

Also, check out my bio is from 2014 when a bunch of students, and I, froze it out on Seagull Lake on our Outdoor Ed trip.   Fun times!   

Go Tigers!  (and Bulldogs!)

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