CEP (Concurrent Enrollment Program)

What is the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)?

Cherry is committed to offering all students the highest level of academic opportunity and support. One way we honor this commitment is by offering our students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. Completing college courses and earning college credits can help your student prepare for and reach a variety of post high school goals.

We are especially proud of the quantity and quality of college courses offered right here on our campus! In fact, Cherry students can earn up to at least 52 college credits without ever leaving the Cherry School. Through the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP), students can earn credits that fulfill many goals of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and towards their A.A. degree.

Our CEP courses are college courses offered at the high school by teachers from the high school that are mentored by college professionals. The classes are the same as classes offered at the college and will show up on a student’s transcript as a college course. The main difference is that these classes are offered within the school day by teachers who know the students and can work with them as high school students while awarding full college credit.

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