Attendance is necessary for so many reasons! Being absent may cause you to fall behind and not understand the material that is being taught. The best way to do well is to be in class and pay attention. We want you in school and want you to be excited to come to school. If you are feeling sick, please stay home. 



As 5th and 6th grade students, you will be the one in charge of making sure that you get any work that you miss. All your teachers will be entering assignments into Google Classroom so you will be able to see when your assignments are due. For each day you are absent you may have 2 days to make up the work. 



5th and 6th grade will be departmentalized this year. This means that you will receive instruction from 4 different teachers. You will switch between these classes throughout the day. Please see the sample schedule and departmentalization letter for more information on this topic. The list of teachers is as follows:

Mr. Rossini- 5th grade Math

Ms. Baumann- 6th grade Math

Mrs. Lesemann- 5th and 6th Language Arts

Mrs. Koski- 5th and 6th Science

Mrs. Lucas- 5th and 6th Social Studies & Writing


You will have multiple specialist classes this year as well. These include: Shop, Phy. Ed., Stem, & Music. On Wednesday you will also have an extracurricular class, which will rotate between- outdoor education, speech/debate, life-skills, industrial tech, technology/internet safety. You will also attend library each week. 


Please come to school each day with a snack and water bottle.


All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. You can access your assignments through your iPad. This will help you keep track of when assignments are due. We encourage your parents to look through Google Calendar, on your iPad, with you each evening. 

Homework is utilized to assist you in mastering academic standards or skills the State of Minnesota expects 5th and 6th graders to have. We will never give homework just to give homework. If you do not finish your assignments during class time, you will have homework. You are responsible for turning in your work on time. 



Tests and quizzes are necessary for determining your level of understanding. Redoing an assignment or retaking a test or quiz is allowed and encouraged.  Redos and retakes help to develop a culture of self-improvement.  It also helps to reduce test anxiety. The Redo/Retake Contract must be completed and returned to the teacher. Redos/Retakes are subject to teacher approval.  We reserve the right to refuse a Redo/Retake request due to incomplete and/or missing work, lack of perseverance on classroom assignments, and/or lack of retake preparation. Redo/Retake requests must be made by you within one week of receiving a graded assignment/test back. A parent/guardian signature is required on the redo contract. Parent involvement is crucial for your success!



First and foremost, we will follow the discipline plan in the Cherry school handbook. Please make sure to read this. 

In the classroom, you are expected to use ROAR (Respect, On-task, Always Safe, and Responsible) behaviors. Please see our classroom matrix for more specific expectations in our classrooms. 



Tests, quizzes, daily work, and projects will be used in determining grades. The percentage breakdown will be as follows:

90-100    A  60-69.9    D

80-89.9   B 59.9 and lower  F

70-79.9   C

You and your parents will be able to monitor your grades through Infinite Campus online. Especially, since you will be taking home your iPad each night. (Starting in the middle of September). As teachers we will try to keep Infinite Campus up to date. 



iPads will start coming home on Friday, September 17th; as long as you have exhibited proper iPad use. 



You will be given the opportunity to join band this year. You will complete lessons both full band and practices during your school day. It is highly encouraged for you to join band, as this music option continues into high school. 



Communication between students, parents/guardians, and teachers is vital for a successful year. Our team of teachers is here to help your be successful. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.


We will all be using SeeSaw this year. Please have your parents connect to see your work, pictures of activities going on within the classroom, and an easy way to contact your homeroom teacher. SeeSaw login information will be coming home the first week of school.