Class Expectations

Class Expectations
Mr. Boggio         Language Arts
Seating Chart – there are 42 desks in the room.  I have a seating chart for each class so please leave them where they are at.
Hats – left in locker; if they are in the room, put them on my desk and they are yours at the end of the hour.
Cell phones, headphones or any electronic equipment – if I see them I will tell you to put them on my desk; you can have them at the end of the day.
If you refuse to put them on my desk, I will send the principal a behavior referral and he can deal with the problem. 
Grading – I give the daily work we do together a generic grade.  It is worth 5 points which is an A; incomplete work or inferior work is worth 3 points, which is a D.  Everyone should get an A on daily work.  Daily work that isn’t finished in class becomes homework.
Daily work that is turned in late is considered incomplete or inferior and is not worth more than 3 points.
          Tests are usually 20 questions and worth 2 points each.  So you need to study for tests, since they are worth 40 points.
Grammar assignments are also worth 5 points and test scores will vary.
Your grades will be recorded in one of three categories:
20%  - daily assignments
20% - grammar assignments and tests
60% - reading tests and writing activities
There are bins in the front of the room, by the door.  They are labeled for each class.  This is where you put your  daily work.
Food and drinks have become a nuisance.  Don’t bring them to class.
How to access your textbook:
  1. I can give you a physical copy of the book.
  2. I can give you a DVD of your textbook, which you can install on your home computer.
  3. I can give you a username and password and you can access the book on-line.
  4. I can give you a paper copy of our current assignment.
  5. I can give you a username and password and you can access the book with your iPad.
It is my goal this year is to create my own Cherry School Language Arts webpage.