Junior High and Senior High Band Syllabus

Course Description 

These performance-based classes aim to teach the elements of music, various styles and composers, and methods to improve upon technical ability. Students will perform multiple times throughout the year. There will also be numerous opportunities for students to become involved in smaller, more select ensembles.


Grading Criteria

Junior High:

40% Daily Participation

40% Performances. All performances are required

20% Lessons/sectionals/all other assignments

Senior High:
40% Daily Participation

40% Performances. All performances are required

20% All other assignments/pep band


Behavior Expectations

Respect each other’s and the school’s property
Respect others who are speaking

Be on time and prepared for class                   
No cell phones
No food or beverages aside from water 


Performance Dates


Winter Band Concert

Tuesday, December 11th at 7 pm (gr. 5 - 12 bands)

Music Contest

Music Contest - March 4th or 5th (Senior High Band only, at Virginia High School)

Music In Our Schools Concert

March 14th at 7 pm (Jazz Band, Senior High Band and Junior High Band only)

Spring Pops Concert

Wednesday, May 15th at 7 pm (Gr. 5 - 12 Bands)



Friday, May 31st at 7 pm (Senior High Band only)


All performances are mandatory. Concerts are equivalent to a final exam. If an un-avoidable pre-planned absence occurs, students must present a written note from a parent immediately. If I have not received a written note within 2 weeks of the performance, I expect you to attend the concert. Students missing performances for any reason will be given a makeup assignment.



Senior high band students are expected to perform at pep band events. A schedule will be sent home soon. The band students are admitted into the game for free if they are wearing their band shirt. If a band student is already on the team, they will be exempt from playing in the pep band for that game. A typical volleyball game consists of playing 20 minutes before the game starts (6:30 - 7:00). A typical basketball game consists of playing the 20 minutes before the game starts and playing during half-time (6:30 - 8:30). After half-time students may go home or enjoy the rest of the game

Concert Attire 

Black dress clothes - black bottoms, black top, dress shoes. Absolutely no t-shirts, jeans or sneakers. These are formal events and we want to look our best.


Lettering Points - 5 points to letter, you can only letter once per year

Solo & Ensemble - 3 points for a superior rating, 2 points for an excellent rating

Pep Band - 4 games = 1 point

Jazz Band - 1 point per concert

Private Lessons - 1 point per quarter